A (Brief) History Of Our Community Centre

1. On the 25th April 1967 a committee was set up tlrough a public meeting held on that date.  Its purpose was the sorting out of suggestions, proposals, and plans for a community centre for Monk Fryston and Hillam.


2. The new committee officials were L Kelsey - chairman, K Randall - vice chairman, Mrs P Roebuck - secretary and A Hudson - Treasurer.


3. Representatives from the Monk Fryston General Purposes Welfare Fund were co-opted on the committee and letters were sent to Miss Sunley asking her if the committee could hire the Institute on Monk Fryston Common Lane for fundraising purposes, and to all local organisations asking them to send a representative to serve on the committee. The Welfare Fund was set up in the 1940s to raise money to build a village hall.


4. The Committee obtained the sole use of the Institute for fund raising purposes in mid 1967.


5. In July 1967 a building committee was set up under the chairmanship of Alan Woodhead, architect, with the objective of producing plans for a community centre.


6. On November the 9th 1967, it was agreed that planning permission obtained by the Monk Fryston and Hillam Youth Committee (In conjunction with the Welfare Fund committee) for development of the Cherry Orchard, Old Vicarage Lane be transferred to the Community Association.


7. An updated planning permission was granted to the committee on the 21st July 1969.


8. The Youth Club was allowed to use the Institute for its meetings in July 1969.


9. In 1970 a formal constitution was adopted for the Association and also gained charitable status.


10. 12th November 1972.  The Cherry Orchard finally becomes the responsibility of the Community Association.


11. The youth club, having been barred from the Institute due to lack of supervision in 1970, is reopened by PC Blythman early 1973.


12. Plans for the community centre were submitted to Osgoldcross RDC on the 18th January 1973.


13. Planning permission received for the community centre in June 1973. Work onsite starting soon after.


14. May 1977. Work on the centre having ground to a halt in 1975, it was decided to board it up until such time as funds permitted completion.


15. The Queens Jubilee in 1977 generated new impetus for completing the centre and work recommenced.


16. Building completed in May 1982!


17. Extension to Community Centre and enhancements to the play area opened by Nigel Adams MP on the 10th September 2011.  Watch this space ...

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