Monk Fryston & Hillam Sustainability Project

Leaders of the Primary School, Community Association, St Wilfrid’s Church and the Cricket Club are working together to find ways of reducing energy and water consumption in order to make their buildings Carbon Neutral within 2 years. 


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Project Update No.17
231220 MFCSP No 17 Project Update.pdf
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Our aim is to be carbon neutral by 2022

What is the project about?

This project is about the residents of Monk Fryston and Hillam wanting to try and cut our greenhouse gas emissions.


It will improve the environmental performance of our five community buildings and hopefully point the way for other villages to follow suit. 

What does being carbon neutral mean?

It means removing as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as we put into it and aiming for a zero-carbon footprint.


Why support this project?


We have experienced some unusual climate events recently. Last year we had record high temperatures reaching 35 ℃ followed by a very wet autumn, then more heavy rainfall in February brought flooding closer to home and recently we had the longest sunny dry spell on record. 


  • It will make a contribution, albeit small, to environmental sustainability by reducing CO2 emissions
  • It will prepare our Community Buildings for the future in line with Government policy and increase resilience
  • It will allow residents to see some of the technologies available that they could install in their own homes
  • Other communities can learn from our experience
  • Leaders and management of all the organisations providing our Community Buildings support the project
  • Our young people support climate action and we should show that we support them
  • We all use and benefit from these facilities and the deserve your support