Governance and Management

  1. The Community Association is a registered Charitable incorporated organisation and is governed by the Charity Commissioners in accordance with its constitution.
  2. The Members of the Community Association elect a Chair and Trustees at the Annual General meeting.
  3. The Chair is elected for a one -year term, Trustees for a 3- year term with one third have to stand down in rotation every year. They can serve for a maximum of 3, 3 -year terms.
  4. The Trustees and responsible for the Legal operation of the Charity and meet around 4 times pa.
  5. They are supported by a General Purposes Committee which is led by the Chair which meets every month and other non- committee volunteers.
  6. The current Chair is Robin Parkin
  7. The Trustees are: - Kath Radcliffe, Sarah Force, Kristina Verney, Ray Newton and Ian Robertson.
  8. The General Committee Members are: - Tony Hudson (Hon Life President); Robin Parkin (Chair), Caroline Mitchel (Secretary), Trisha Birch (Treasurer), Sally Whittingham (Bookings), Peter Baggaley (Purchasing), Jon Blaza (Buildings Manager), Ray Newton (Facilities), Sarah Force (Publicity), Kristina Verney (Website), Shaun Hughes (Projects), Ian Robinson (Hillam PC), Nigel Spofforth (Monk Fryston PC), Andy Phillips (Community First Yorkshire liason and Projects)
  9. Non – Committee Volunteers are: - Lorraine Corns (Cleaning); Neal Wilson (Playground and Grounds), John Leslie (Playground and Grounds), Sue Leslie (Equipment Hire and Ticket Sales), Colin Campbell (Drop off Recycling Facilities).