COVID 19 - Update on re-opening of the Community Centre facilities


The Community Centre facilities, comprising the Community Centre Hall, Playground, Recreation and Sports area were all closed as the country went into lockdown in March. The car park and drop- off recycling facility remained open throughout the period.

As everyone knows the Government has followed a strategy of a step by step strategy of a phased re-opening of facilities, with an emphasis initially of supporting key workers, and later permitting controlled, safe social distanced activities.

The Community Association has followed and supported these measures and taken guidance from the Government via the Community First Yorkshire who are an independent Rural Community Council committed to supporting organisations like ourselves. They, in turn, have taken advice from the National co-ordinating body ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) who work closely with the Government through Defra (Department for Rural Affairs).


Consequently, re-opened the Playground and Recreation and Sports areas on 17th July and the Community Centre solely to support working families via the Hambleton Playsafe Holiday club on Monday 20th July.

The re-openings followed the CA conducting Risk Assessments on each area and likely activities and taking appropriate action to make them Covid -19 safe. These were accompanied by the posting of a series of recommended warning signs.


Whilst the Community Association has done everything it can to make the facilities as Covid -19 secure as possible, we must emphasise that it is each individual’s responsibility to act in a covid-19 secure manner and also to stay up to date and adhere to Government Covid-19 Guidance.


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New Community Library


We are sorry to announce the library is suspended following recent guidelines on COVID 19




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