Community Centre Grand Opening

For 3 hours on Monday 16th February the Community Association hosted the most distinguished group of people to attend a function in our villages for many years as they gathered to watch Mary Weastall, Chief Executive Officer of Selby DC and Assistant CEO of North Yorkshire County Council, officially open our redeveloped Community Centre. She paid tribute to the partnership forged out of adversity and need, between Community Association and Selby District Council's Western Area Community Engagement Forum and commented that the £200,000 investment which is a key part of the CA's Youth Provision Project, was an example to everyone who aspired to improve their community.

Mary, who was introduced by Nigel Adams, MP for Selby and Anisty, congratulated the Partners achievements as she unveiled a memorial mural which featured the logos of the 15 Donor organisations surrounding a photograph of the transformed Community Centre, which has doubled the floor space, and provided new toilets and kitchen and allows simultaneous use by different groups. She then presented a copy of the mural to each of the Donors, which included a number of local companies, including British Gypsum, Kingspan and Howden's Joinery as a token of thanks from the CA for their contribution to the project. 


Earlier, CA Chair, Ray Newton, had explained that the project evolved from a recognition that there was a need to provide more activates for the village youngsters. However, the catalyst was a series of pop up teenage facebook parties which caused outrage amongst village residents and led the members to decide to do something. The result, just over two years later is a transformed Community Centre, which will be a lasting legacy and benefit for the village, 3 new youth groups have already been established and more are planned. He thanked all the donors and project partners and said "we simply could not have done it without the knowledge and goodwill of willing and helpful partners".
During his presentation, Ray, invited a number of donors and key supporters to give their views of the project, which Community Activists who attended from around the District commented had provided them with valuable tips and advice to help them for their planned projects.


Cllr Andy Pound, Chair of the Western CEF, commenting during presentation
"This is a great example of what over vision of CEF could be. We have the expertise and contacts to help community grass roots organisations to achieve what they want to do. We have been delighted to help the Community Association achieve their aims for their Community and in particular, the needs of the youngsters. We know that other communities and have similar needs and hope that this very success project will inspire everyone in the future".


The opening was planned for half term, when the Centre is used less to enable the Donors to attend during their normal working week. Many took advantage of the opportunity, and were delighted to see how their donations had been spent and learn more about our Villages and Community. All were very impressed and we know left, as did the other dignitaries and local residents because they have told us, with a very good impression and have been delighted to help us.


2014 Round Up

What a year!


As 2014 closes it’s time to reflect on another extremely busy and exciting year for Community Association. We have a revamped and ‘what looks like’ a New Community Centre; we have a number of new user groups using the Centre which residents can join in and more to start in 2015. 


The year started well with the Junior Youth Club getting underway which was followed shortly afterwards by the Guides.  In February, Bee Able, a Youth Club for disabled and challenging children and their siblings began meeting every other Saturday. After a pause through the summer when the Centre was being redeveloped the Yoga class for Beginners and the Body Toning and Fitness classes were launched in late September.


As we move into 2015, a new Sequence Dancing group has just started to use the Centre and in January Baby Sensory Classes will commence, whilst the Yoga class will move to an evening session as many who are at work have said they would like to give it a try. Details of all the groups which use the CC can be found here on the Community Association website.


Of course, whilst the reason why the Community Association was formed was to provide a Village Hall and Playground for the residents of Monk Fryston and Hillam, the manifestation of our community is the fun we all have whilst fundraising together to help pay for the developments. This year has been no different and whilst the events may have the same name the general consensus is that formats and buzz has been better than ever. Do you remember the ‘It’s a knockout’ at the Summer Fayre? A one point victory at the Wise Owl Quiz (again)? The fantastic Beer Festival which simply was more of everything…. and the new scary Halloween Bonfire Party…. all are events which other villages would love to have in their Communities… but none could happen without the support of many volunteers and the residents coming along to enjoy themselves which they show great appetite to do so and long may that continue.


The Community Association is a group of volunteers which organise and manage the Community Centre and the Village Playground as well as take the lead or play a significant part in organising many of the village events. It thrives because many residents get involve and help out but there is always room for more help. If you would like to help, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any CA member or through our website.We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in 2015


Meanwhile the Committee would like to wish all our Friends, Helpers and Supporters, particularly Monk Fryston and Hillam Parish Councils, a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.


Ray Newton