Community Survey 

The leaders of the School, Community Association, Church and Cricket Club have agreed to work together in order to explore options for reducing energy and water consumption and ultimately to make their buildings Carbon Neutral within 2 years.


This is an ambitious yet achievable goal that will require expertise, considerable initial investment and YOUR SUPPORT.


We are not asking you to make donations or commit your time and effort by doing anything in particular (unless you wish to be part of this effort and project), we just need to understand your and the community’s level of support and involvement to become carbon neutral by 2022. 


Selby District Council through the Western Community Engagement Forum (WCEF) actively support this project and recognise our community effort and endeavours in working towards carbon neutral buildings and being the role model for other communities to follow.


Kate Urwin, the Yorkshire Energy Doctor (, has provided excellent guidance and suggested we can apply for a grant for a feasibility study of our project from the Rural Community Energy Fund.   


A feasibility study is a formalised, written approach to evaluating our project.  It will help us to identify:

• If our idea is viable or not; • Useful facts and figures to aid our decision-making; • Alternative approaches and solutions to put our idea into practice.


However, in order to secure that funding we have to demonstrate that we have COMMUNITY SUPPORT for the project.  If successful, we will share the findings of the feasibility study before we progress with the sustainable energy options.


All we ask of our friends, neighbours and community is to complete a short survey to gauge the level of interest.


It should only take about 5 minutes to complete. Please complete the survey now online at  or return your paper survey to Monk Fryston Post Office by July 7th