Are you responsible for a baby or young child under 2 years old?

Read on if you are a new Mum, a Grandparent or Care for a young child.

For over 30 years a self-help and self-organised social group, called Little Monkeys, has met regularly in the Community Centre. It was formed to provide a weekly social meeting place for parents and young children.

Its unbroken continuity is testimony to its popularity, run by Mums for other mothers with little ones in those early days before they start the more formal education offered at pre-school.

 Generally, leadership of the group has been done by a core of about 3 people, drawn from the participants, changing as the children and parents move on; sometimes if a parent has more than one child they may stay longer.

The group has support from the Community Association with the provision of a storage shed for the large amount of toys and equipment acquired over the years. The group has always set its own rules and charges to cover any expenditure needed, but it’s fair to say these have been nominal.

Unfortunately, the Community Association has just been informed that the Little Monkeys has folded for various reasons and we are doing our best to generate support from past leaders to help Little Monkeys get going again.

The group meet on Tuesday mornings at the Community Centre and we invite anyone looking after a child under 2 years of age to come along at 9.30am on Tuesday 8th January to the Centre to get things going again. If anyone else is interested in helping the group start up please come along too.

The Community Association Committee